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The Rise Of The Philosopher Queen


Joan Pope is the creator of Sex-Death-Rebirth, a religious art movement for the new world. She is immersed in utter devotion to her ministry, an audio-visual feast of Sex and the Sacred bound inextricably to light, colour and sound. Sex-Death-Rebirth is an emanation of pure desire and her work is always an act of worship; each prayer she sends is a sign and a sigil of humming flesh and communion. This project is a hypnotic barrage of imagery, word, and sound which brings together many ancient ideas through the modern streams of social media and forces you to bear witness. Her work alternatively manifests as Temple ov Saturn. The themes are the same, but the aesthetics are darker.

Joan is an artist, video editor, musician and holds a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies. She loves nature, mythology, and religious art. She feels lost in the modern world and nostalgic for an ancient time well before her own.




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