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The Whip Angels started in 2011 as a Herald and a conduit. It is one of many deities, an earthly presence that connects with others in an atmosphere of mutual faith. The Whip Angels are self-transforming machine elves; they are maenads and naiads; faeries of filth; they are emissaries of the Forms. The Whip Angels are another way of furthering the message that sex is sacred.

I started performing at spoken word open mics in NYC as a way to help me overcome my fear of speaking. The words came and, as they tumbled out of me, I realised they needed grounding, lest they disappear forever. Music came later, first as a crutch then as a cradle. I learned to record music and play various instruments specifically for this project. The music became a new form of philosophy and in the trances and traces of sound and are madeleine moments where the past leaks through. Sacred sexuality as a loop in time..Over the years I've also collaborated with many other great musicians and there is a related parasexual side project called blacktantra, where the phantasms are channelled into a simpler form with the hope that, eventually, they will coalesce into a wordless, abstracted, blur of pure energy. Occasionally I DJ and make remixes under the name Pope Joan II.

When people ask me what I sound like, I have no reply. I sound like I am. Each breath is a beat, every sound is a motion. You can sail genres at me like a cluster of arrows and they will all stick because Iā€™m eternally open to influence, the ultimate in submission to the mastery of music. I take everything into my body and make it anew.

My latest full length release is called Death is Coming, you can listen below.  

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Death is Coming

by The Whip Angels

A 12 track album featuring collaborations with Primitive Knot, Buried Things, Wizards Tell Lies, Matt Giannotti, Louis Sherman, Sam Holloway, Ix Tab, and Dead Editor. Lyrics derived from Death is Coming by Joan Pope.