Erotic Ritual Invocations of various art and literary figures of the Surrealist and Dada movements. 

20 erotic episodes featuring the following artists:

Man Ray, Salvador Dali Hans Bellmer, Georges Bataille, Laure, Meret Oppenheim, Elsa Schiaparelli, Rene Magritte, Pierre Molinier, Hannah Hoch, Jacques-Andre Boiffard, Andre Masson, Kiki de Montparnasse, Nucsh and Paul Eluard, Juliet Man Ray, Maya Deren, and Dorothea Tanning. 

Plus bonus videos featuring more experimental episodes inspired by Leonor Fini, Dora Maar, Marcel Duchamp, Claude Cahun, Giorgio de Chirico, and Pablo Picasso. 

Each episode stylized with references to that particular artist or writer.


The Erotic Collection

A "best of" collection of my erotic films that do not fit into any of the themed categories. Occasionally videos will be added to the collection. 

I've produced a large quantity of erotic films through my subscription service, and this collection is some of my favorite ones. 









Erotic Ritual Invocations of 22 Greek Goddesses.

Each episode is stylized with symbols of the goddess being channeled in that episode. Aphrodite is nude, coming with the sea; Artemis is in a virginal white dress; Hera is in a luxurious gold corset and crown; Persephone is adorned with poppy flowers in her hair, etc..