Esse est percipi. To be is to be perceived. Sex-Death-Rebirth is perpetually locked in a reciprocal gaze. Subject and Object forever entwined. We are the abyss that looks into you.

I style, film, and edit everything myself. The music is my music; if there are words, they are my words. Renting my videos helps fund more projects- more props, equipment, etc.

My videos exist in the realm of the sacred and the erotic. They are meant to co-exist with my music, poetry and philosophy.  While they are intended to be arousing, I do not consider them to be pornography, even if many transgress the boundaries between Art and Pornography. They are artefacts of intimacy of a kind not present in modern pornography and they ask for an essential communion and for the viewer to use their imagination. They are the medium and the message and they all attempt to forge connections with the anima woman.

I believe these to be a pure and honest portrayal of feminine sexuality, with elements of ritual and sex magick. Each video is a private moment, universalised and laid bare. I am open to all, eternally. Sex and The Sacred is what we are all about, and in every form - Sex-Death-Rebirth, The Whip Angels, Joan Pope – there is a sense of celebration and ecstastic union. The videos attempt to document a new understanding of the Ancient: sexuality is ontology; beauty is regarded as a visitor from another world. My world is your world. I am one with you as you are with me; there is always hope, and always desire. There is a continual thirst for expression, for the erotic, for meaningful and sacred connections with someone outside of ourselves.


*As of September 2, 2018, my VOD pages have been taken down for violating their Terms of Service. I am Looking for other solutions. I still have a subscription site but all the good stuff (I think the Surrealist erotica was my best) is now pretty far back on the timeline.


Erotic Ritual Invocations of various art and literary figures of the Surrealist and Dada movements. 

20 erotic episodes featuring the following artists:

Man Ray, Salvador Dali Hans Bellmer, Georges Bataille, Laure, Meret Oppenheim, Elsa Schiaparelli, Rene Magritte, Pierre Molinier, Hannah Hoch, Jacques-Andre Boiffard, Andre Masson, Kiki de Montparnasse, Nucsh and Paul Eluard, Juliet Man Ray, Maya Deren, and Dorothea Tanning. 

Plus bonus videos featuring more experimental episodes inspired by Leonor Fini, Dora Maar, Marcel Duchamp, Claude Cahun, Giorgio de Chirico, and Pablo Picasso. 

Each episode stylized with references to that particular artist or writer.

erotic collection joanpope sexdeathrebirth.jpg

A "best of" collection of my erotic films that do not fit into any of the themed categories. 

Originally these videos were created for my subscribers and I selected my favorite ones for this collection. I will be adding new ones as I make new favorites. 

goddess erotica sexdeathrebirth.jpg

Erotic Ritual Invocations of 22 Greek Goddesses.

Each episode is stylized with symbols of the goddess being channeled in that episode. Aphrodite is nude, coming with the sea; Artemis is in a virginal white dress; Hera is in a luxurious gold corset and crown; Persephone is adorned with poppy flowers in her hair, etc..


A short 5-episode series of erotic films portrayed in blue light.

The Blue Period from Joan Pope on Vimeo.

Erotica in Blue Light: a 5-part series