sexdeathrebirth gospel project

SexDeathRebirth Gospel Project

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I get a lot of requests to collaborate, and I always want to say yes, but over the last few months I've felt a bit off musically and have been choosing to focus more on remixing. Also the lyrical content I'm writing these days is for my next proper album. So I've either said yes to the collaboration then didn't follow through, or I declined. Putting out these vocal tracks are my way of rectifying the situation. If you click on the individual tracks, I include the excerpted lyrics that I am saying in the track.

The tracks, aka SexDeathRebirth Gospel Project can be downloaded for free off my Bandcamp. These are the terms of use:

By using these samples you agree to:

  1. Credit me as "Joan Pope" and mention that your track is part of the "Sexdeathrebirth Gospel Project" Also include a link to my bandcamp, and my website

  2. Release the track for free. If you want to use it for an album that you are selling, please contact me through bandcamp or through my website first.

  3. Send me the track! I want to hear your creation!

Download on Bandcamp

(These vocals are excerpts from my book Death is Coming. They are free to download and use, but if you'd like to support my work, please consider buying the book or purchasing some of my music. I look forward to hearing your tracks!)