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After about a year and a half, my Vimeo account has gotten flagged. "Sexually-focused ventures" are not allowed so my Vimeo on Demand erotic collections have been removed. I am looking for other solutions where I can sell the collections: Goddess Erotica, Surrealist Erotica, and the un-themed "best of" Erotic Collection. 

I still have a subscription site at OnlyFans but the themed videos are now pretty far back on the time line. I preferred the VOD collections because they were finished products, grouped according to their theme. I don't like the subscription model as much because I feel like I have to keep adding to it even though there are almost 300 videos already there- sometimes I just want to work on other stuff. Most people say they can't even keep up with the amount I upload there, but there's this feeling that I have to keep uploading to keep people interested. 

VOD was a large chunk of my income. Selling erotica has allowed me the time and freedom to pursue music and my other art. Please consider subscribing to my OnlyFans site, or buying prints, or my music. Links are at the end of the post.

In the meantime, I am seeking other options. I'd rather not put the videos on a site where they could be downloaded- I'd rather they were streamed. Clip sites take a large cut, but that might be my only option. I consider what I do to be artistic, but it walks the line of pornographic. That's what makes this difficult. I would consider selling them as DVDs but I would need to find a distributor- there are too many legal issues, like age verification, to DIY a DVD production. I am also considering compiling stills and producing a magazine. Again, it would be ideal if a publisher was interested in producing it. 

I am also considering making a less explicit, single video with all the footage from Surrealist Erotica to sell. I'm not sure if that's something people would actually want. I felt that collection was one of my creative masterpieces and frankly, I don't think it got the attention it deserved. Most people bought the general un-themed "Erotic Collection." The Erotic Collection had significantly more videos than the Surrealist Erotica collection, and was only a few dollars more. The Surrealist Erotica collection required research, acquiring props, etc. I thought it was unique. 

Anyways, if anyone has any ideas, please contact me. 

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Man Ray inspired book in the works


I've compiled some of the Man Ray inspired images and put a book together. I'm working on the finishing touches and will probably wait until January to get it printed. I will make a limited number of signed copies available that will come with a set of prints of some Man Ray inspired images that were not referenced in the Surrealist Erotica Man Ray film. 

The next Surrealist Erotica film I'm working on is inspired by Meret Oppenheim. Like I said in my last post, these take longer to produce. In the meantime, check out this post I made about my visual references for the Man Ray film.


Surrealist Erotica Series

After the Greek Goddess Erotica Series, I had planned moving on the Norse and Celtic Goddesses...but I'm going to let that take a backseat until I feel like I have the right props. Instead, I'm working on a new series based on Surrealist artists and writers. I guess technically some of the figures I plan on including are not part of "proper" Surrealism i.e. Breton's crew, rather I'm gravitating toward Bataille and associated people. If you've been following my work for a while, this choice will make sense. So far I have a Man Ray and Salvador Dali video up on Vimeo on Demand, but working on Bataille and Laure. Stay tuned. 

Ritual invocations of Surrealist artists and literary figures:

Erotique Voilée // inspired by Man Ray
Dream of Venus // inspired by Salvador Dali

...more to come...

(When the series is complete, you will be able to rent all of the videos as a bundle.)

Goddess Erotica // Greek Goddess Series Available on Demand

Joan Pope invokes the following goddesses in an erotic ritual embodiment:

Amphitrite: Goddess of the Sea
Aphrodite: Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Sex
Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness
Astraea: Star-Maiden Goddess on Innocence
Athena: Goddess of Wisdom, War, Creativity, Law, Inspiration, Crafts
Chloris: Goddess of Flowers and the Springtime
Demeter: Goddess of the Harvest, Agriculture, Fertility
Eos: Goddess of the Dawn
Gaia: Goddess of the Earth
Hebe: Goddess of Youth
Hecate: Goddess of the Crossroads, Witchcraft, Magick
Hera: Goddess of Women, Marriage, Queen of the Gods
Hestia: Goddess of the Hearth and the Home
Iris: Goddess of the Rainbow
Medusa: Monster of the Dark Feminine
Nemesis: Goddess of Retribution
Nike: Goddess of Victory
Nyx: Goddess of the Night
Pandora: The first human woman, created by the Gods
Persephone: Goddess of the Springtime and Maidenhood, Queen of the Underworld
Selene: Goddess of the Moon
The Three Graces: Goddesses of Grace, Beauty, and Charm

All videos are accompanied by ritual music by The Whip Angels.

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These videos are also available in my store.