Temple Ov Saturn - Bride Of The Sun

Temple ov Saturn - Bride of the Sun... out now on Bandcamp

Temple ov Saturn - Bride of the Sun... out now on Bandcamp

The first full-length Temple ov Saturn album is out now. 

LIVE In The Catskill Mountains

live in the catkill mountains temple ov saturn.jpg

Recorded live as the sun was setting on June 30, 2018 in cabin built by my grandfather in the Catskill Mountains to an audience of one. 

Set List: 

The Goddesses
Enter The Temple ov Saturn
Descent Of The Muse
Behold! The Flesh
Cosmic Rhythms
The First Degree
The End Is The Beginning

Free Download on Bandcamp.

SexDeathRebirth Gospel Project

sexdeathrebirth gospel project.jpg

I get a lot of requests to collaborate, and I always want to say yes, but over the last few months I've felt a bit off musically and have been choosing to focus more on remixing. Also the lyrical content I'm writing these days is for my next proper album. So I've either said yes to the collaboration then didn't follow through, or I declined. Putting out these vocal tracks are my way of rectifying the situation. If you click on the individual tracks, I include the excerpted lyrics that I am saying in the track.

The tracks, aka SexDeathRebirth Gospel Project can be downloaded for free off my Bandcamp. These are the terms of use:

By using these samples you agree to:

  1. Credit me as "Joan Pope" and mention that your track is part of the "Sexdeathrebirth Gospel Project" Also include a link to my bandcamp, whipangels.bandcamp.com and my website sexdeathrebirth.com

  2. Release the track for free. If you want to use it for an album that you are selling, please contact me through bandcamp or through my website first.

  3. Send me the track! I want to hear your creation!

Download on Bandcamp

(These vocals are excerpts from my book Death is Coming. They are free to download and use, but if you'd like to support my work, please consider buying the book joanpope.com/press or purchasing some of my music. I look forward to hearing your tracks!)

Month in Review: January 2018

So far, 2018 already feels better than 2017. Overall, its been a good month. Before I overview my works created this month, I want to revise my intention to create a book series related to the Surrealist Erotica stuff. I originally thought I'd do a series of separate books, each one dedicated to a different artist or writer. I've decided to go a different way with it- make one book- that includes my Surrealist-related erotic photos, collages, and other art and literary works created with the techniques of the Surrealists. There will be a run of regularly printed books, and then a special limited edition where the contents are loose in a box, a la Duchamp's Box-in-a-Valise. Follow me on Twitter and Steemit to keep up-to-date on my Surrealist-related works. 


In Bloom by Joan Pope

In Bloom by Joan Pope


I released a collection of many of my early, instrumental, unfinished works as a free album called Excess on Bandcamp:

I also released a remix of a song I did with Primitive Knot last year. Its also a free download on Bandcamp: 

I also released 2 songs as Pope Joan II, which are more of the classical music remixes I've been doing. The first samples Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusick. I used it as the soundtrack to the Dorothea Tanning episode of the Surrealist Erotica video because she has a painting with the same title. The other remix sampled Ravel's Le tombeau de Couperin.

I released a few new tracks on D-sound as well that I will eventually put on Bandcamp as a collection. Check them out: Dream Dealer, Interwar Tension, and Practical Dreamer.



I added some more episodes to the Surrealist Erotica series: Juliet Man Ray, Jacques-Andre Boiffard, Andre Masson, Dorothea Tanning, and Alice Prin. I also added new stuff to OnlyFans and I created a curated "best of" type collection for Vimeo-on-Demand called The Erotic Collection.

Bonus video inspired by a series of Man Ray photos:

Bonus video inspired by Man Ray

Bonus video inspired by Man Ray

I created a "best of" collection called The Erotic Collection available through Vimeo-on-Demand. Its selected videos that have been published already on OnlyFans. I'll be adding to it as time goes on.


I only made one collage-esque video this month. I made a couple other videos using found footage for some of my music. 


I don't get out much in general, but in the winter its especially bad. I attended the PBR Buck Off at Madison Square Garden and saw the New York Philharmonic perform Ravel and Debussy. Other than that, I've just been working on my art and music. 

Month in Review: November

November started with the release of Red Unseen, a 3 song EP recorded one evening. 

The month continued with an abundance of collage work. I've slowly adding them to my Gallery page and DeviantArt and anything that moves to YouTube and Giphy, while adding older works too. 

My erotic works had to take a backseat this month. I've spent almost the whole month dealing with a serious health issue. My body needed time to heal and the medication made me feel extremely fatigued and dizzy. I expect to be feeling better soon. Filming new works pretty much came to a halt, but it gave me a chance to finally slow down and get the Surrealist Erotica and The Blue Period films up on Vimeo. I plan on adding more to the Surrealist series, but they take longer to produce. I think my best works are the themed videos. I'm open to suggestions for a secondary theme to work on while I slowly chip away at the Surrealist videos. 

I just want to say that my erotic works are meant to be arousing, but they are also meant to invoke something deeper. Sometimes my energy is weaker, and I think when that happens, it shows. When my energy is stronger, it feels sexual and sacred at once and that's the point. Sex is the ultimate act of creation, the highest and lowest form of art. 

Surrealist Erotica // from Joan Pope on Vimeo.

Ritual invocations of Surrealist artists and literary figures:

Erotique Voilée // inspired by Man Ray
Dream of Venus // inspired by Salvador Dali
The Doll // inspired by Hans Bellmer
Imagine a Bullfight for You Alone // inspired by Laure
The Story of Death and Sensuality // inspired by Georges Bataille

...more to come...

The Blue Period from Joan Pope on Vimeo.

Erotica in Blue Light: a 5-part series

The month closes out with the release of my latest full length album Death is Coming. The album is a companion to my poetry book published earlier this year.

Death is Coming
Death is Coming
By Joan Pope
Photo book

The album features collaborations with a variety of artists that I really enjoyed working with. The day it was released was one of the most traumatic days of my life. This album was supposed to be released on tape, but it couldn't wait. I needed it to be out there, to be shared. The book and the album are a good starting place to start understanding the philosophy behind SexDeathRebirth. So much of my philosophy is communicated through the universal language of symbols. Here, some of it is translated into words, into sounds. Sometimes people ask what has inspired my words.... my main inspirations are comparative myths and religions, gnosticism, alchemy, tantra, catholic saints, Georges Bataille, Laure, Carl Jung, sex, marriage, birth, death... Musically, I draw upon the punk and trip hop influences of my youth, and my obsession with Ravel. It doesn't sound like a punk record, or a trip hop record, or a classical record but all those elements are there. Sometimes it sounds soft and gentle, sometimes the sounds are so piercing they hurt. A union of opposites. 

Death is Coming by The Whip Angels

I've been holding onto this album for months. I started working on it around this time last year, as I was completing the book companion to it. It was supposed to be released on tape, but on the day I released it, I had to give birth to something. There wasn't a choice. It just needed to be out there. This album features a series of great collaborations with a variety of artists with different styles and sounds. It was a pleasure working with everyone involved.