Surrealist Erotica Series

After the Greek Goddess Erotica Series, I had planned moving on the Norse and Celtic Goddesses...but I'm going to let that take a backseat until I feel like I have the right props. Instead, I'm working on a new series based on Surrealist artists and writers. I guess technically some of the figures I plan on including are not part of "proper" Surrealism i.e. Breton's crew, rather I'm gravitating toward Bataille and associated people. If you've been following my work for a while, this choice will make sense. So far I have a Man Ray and Salvador Dali video up on Vimeo on Demand, but working on Bataille and Laure. Stay tuned. 

Ritual invocations of Surrealist artists and literary figures:

Erotique Voilée // inspired by Man Ray
Dream of Venus // inspired by Salvador Dali

...more to come...

(When the series is complete, you will be able to rent all of the videos as a bundle.)