The Rise Of The Philosopher Queen


Joan Pope is the creator of Sex-Death-Rebirth, a religious movement for the new world. She is the Goddess Who Serves, and is immersed in utter devotion to her ministry, an audio-visual feast of Sexuality and the Sacred bound inextricably to light, colour and sound. Sex-Death-Rebirth is an emanation of pure desire and her work is always an act of worship; each prayer she sends is a sign and a sigil of humming flesh and communion. This project is eschatological; a culmination of dark magick and deep sex work; an hypnotic barrage of imagery, word, and sound which brings together many ancient ideas through the modern streams of social media and forces you to bear witness.


In human form, Joan is self-taught as an artist and musician and holds a degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies, with a particular interest in comparative myth and religion. She is inspired by a group of writers who were living in interwar Paris who had their own sex-death cult; this project acts as a final reincarnation, a carnal toast to the Ancient Gods. She is a submissive woman who feels lost in the modern world and nostalgic for an ancient time well before her own. She is seeking The Sacred.


This is not a cult for the lost. No one set of beliefs to cling to, no mantras to sing. Sex-Death-Rebirth requires only your gaze and your understanding. Joan is the leader of the sex cult only as a focus for its magic. The answers she gives are immediate and incorrigible and offerings can be made in many ways; animal, spiritual, mineral. A Philosopher Queen is one who gets you to ask questions and is there to hold your hand as you witness your own becoming. Her expertise in comparative myth and religion, gnostic beliefs, and occult and tantric practices may guide you, but let it be known: you must think for yourself. You are your own world, your own leader, your own guide. Joan will lend you her body and her soul but you must learn how to take from it. The journey of self-discovery is not a path someone else can walk for you.


This is a gnostic cult, a headless religion; the knowledge comes from within.


Above all, Sex-Death-Rebirth attempts to instill individualism and communion at the heart of everything we do. Meaningful connection is all and the pulsing vein of sexual magick that runs through this project requires artistry as much as flesh, intuition and respect as much as an orgasmic flash. You are welcome to everything she has and she wants to serve, to learn from your teachings as you learn from hers. The rare moments of a truly shared experience is what we live for...